CookTech Precision Cooker

CookTech Precision Cooker
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  • A user friendly good display
  • Accuracy and precision helps you get the temperature settings right to a margin of error of +/-1.
  • Very easy to clean as the wet parts are made from stainless steel.
  • Lifetime guarantee


Sous vide machines are currently the in thing. There are a lot of people who have them in their kitchens, and they will admit it is one of the best devices they ever purchased. While this is a concept that can easily be associated with professional chefs, this is not necessarily the case.

At the moment you can buy the CookTech Precision Cooker for your home. This immersion circulator will help you get your food prepared to taste, without worrying about the quality. Those who have been preparing food with the immersion circulator in the recent past cannot wish for a better alternative.

The device is unique and does not take up a lot of space in the kitchen. With this in mind, once you are done with it, you can store it away in the kitchen drawer.

The other area where a lot of people pay attention when looking for a good sous vide machine is the cost of purchase. Due to the increasing competition in the market, these devices are relatively affordable.

For someone who is not looking for something on the higher end, you will definitely appreciate the model by CookTech and find it coming in handy even if you are working on a tight budget. A device that is sure to make your kitchen experience a pleasant one. Let’s check out more about it.


For this device, there are some features that stand out. You will find it is useful in the sense that you can set the temperature and time and monitor the same from anywhere in the room. One thing that matters for a lot of people when cooking is precision, especially with such a device. The CookTech Sous Vide Precision Cooker stands out in many regards. Let’s check out some of the best pros and cons that come with this cooker.


  • Amazing flavor when cooking
  • Tender food
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Convenient for students


  • Unclear on how to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius



So, what is it about CookTech’s Precision Cooker that makes it one of the options you should consider? Well, for most people, the first thing you would want to look at is the price. This is an affordable appliance, and given that it is available for under $100, it is something you will love to have in the kitchen. However, it is not just about the price. In terms of performance, you are also going to love this appliance.

Whether you are a professional in the kitchen or if you are buying this appliance for home use only, you will never go wrong. Sous vide cooking in this manner and with an appliance as reliable as this one will always be a moment to savor.

Your meal times will never be the same again. In terms of flavor, the food you cook with the precision cooker is incredibly flavored. Since the food is sealed in a vacuum, the flavor does not evaporate in the cooking process. All the original juices stay in the food when you are done cooking, which is a major benefit. You can even use the resulting soup to create an amazing and delicious sauce that you will serve alongside the meal.

Comparison: Anova Culinary WiFi /Bluetooth Precision Cooker

This is perhaps one of the better alternatives in the market, especially if you are not shy to push your limits financially. In case you are looking for something versatile, Anova Immersion Circulator is a good option. The Bluetooth support makes it an ideal option for someone who is tech-savvy.

You can simply control it from anywhere in the room. Perhaps one of the downsides of using this immersion cooker is that you can clamp it to any cooking pot, up to 5 gallons, while there are models in the market those supports up to 10 gallons. However, that is not something to worry about considering the quality you are getting.

The circulators that are designed for use with this precision cooker are calibrated properly to make sure that you come as close as possible to perfection when you are in the kitchen. With this in mind, you are looking at temperature ratings with a margin of error of =/-0.01 degrees.

You can adjust the cooking temperature up to 99 degrees Celsius. In case you are preparing eggs, you can also alter the direction of the flow of water so that you the eggs are not cracked in the process.


One of the reasons why you would be better off getting the precision cooker from CookTech Precision Cooker is the ease of even food cooking. You have a sure guarantee that your food will always be properly cooked. This precision cooker maintains the cooking temperature all through as it prepares your food.

This makes sure that your food is evenly cooked in the process. Worried about service, maintenance, and parts? Well, worry not. When you purchase this product, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. The manufacturers have a strong belief in the quality they deliver in the market, hence a lifetime guarantee when you buy it.

Like most of the precision cookers that you will come across in the market, it has a number of amazing features that make it stand out. Cooking with it is very easy, and you will definitely enjoy the time you spend using this appliance. Of all the foods that you might want to cook with this appliance, you will find it coming in handy particularly with the meats.

You can enjoy tender cooked meat without worrying about it being undercooked. The good thing with using this appliance is that you do not just get the good results one time, you get the impressive results over and over again.