Gourmia GSV140 Immersion Sous Vide Pod

Gourmia GSV 140 Immersion Sous Vide Pod
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  • Ease of use, technically very easy to handle
  • It can even be used in a cooking pot with a 10-gallon capacity.
  • Simplicity – set the dial and let the precision cooker run.
  • Powerful performance at 1200 watts, the motor is powerful, and with its design and solid construction, it can serve you well for years.
  • It has a thermostat that regulates the temperature accordingly, helps in maintaining the right temperature in circulation to cook food effectively.


The beauty of sous vide cooking lies in the quality of the results you will get. This is a technique that uses temperature control to deliver quality cooked food. A lot of restaurants are currently using Gourmia GSV140 Immersion Sous Vide Pod to cook food to a level of doneness that their clientele appreciate.

It is not just in restaurants where this technique and cooking appliance is used, but there are so many homeowners who are currently enjoying the best results with the same.

The cooking process that is used with these appliances is one of the main reasons why a lot of people find them so useful. The food is prepared through vacuum sealing in a bag and then cooked at a specific temperature inside a water bath. This ensures that you get results that are virtually difficult to achieve with any other method.

Using the appliance is very easy, given that you only need three simple steps. Once the precision cooker is attached to the cooking pot, you set the temperature and time, insert the food in a sealable bag and insert it into the cooking pot. After that, you can broil, grill or sear the food to taste.


You will get impressive performance of Gourmia GSV140 Immersion Sous Vide Pod. This is technically one of the easiest appliances to use in the market. You can clip it to your cooking pot and let it do its job with as little interference from your part as possible. Let’s check out some more features of this product. For someone who loves adventure in the kitchen, the precision cooker comes with a free recipe book. This includes a number of easy recipes that you can try out


  • Consistent food quality
  • Tasty and juicy food
  • Reduction of waste in the cooking process
  • Flexible cooking method
  • Bright digital display


  • Relatively noisy in operation


As long as you are looking for the perfect method to prepare food, this is a device you would have to get in your kitchen. Not only are they easy to use, but the food quality is impressive too. While in most cases food would cook inside water, in sous vide cooking, food cooks in its own juices. Therefore, you get quality richness that would definitely be so alluring to a lot of people. With these appliances, you will also be in a good position to cook without much effort.

Traditionally you would have to pay attention to the food you are cooking, to make sure all goes well. However, with these appliances, you can simply set the desired cooking temperature and maintain it. You no longer have to worry about overcooking. The cooking quality you enjoy with a precision cooker is also amazing. While you would lose up to 40% in food volume through traditional cooking methods, precision cooking ensures that you do not lose volume at all. The immersion cooker is a compact alternative for someone who does not want to keep using ovens from time to time, powerful and reliable.

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Comparison: ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide

What sets this immersion circulator apart from the rest is the connectivity. It is integrated with a number of connection techniques, so you can connect it to a lot of devices. You can even connect it to Amazon Echo. At 1,100 watts, you are looking at an immersion circulator that will be delivering impressive cooking results all the time.

Other than that, you can use it with any sous vide machine you come across. It does not matter whether you need it for your home kitchen or professional kitchen, it is virtually your ultimate companion in the kitchen.

You can connect it to your smartphone or tablet for ease of control. You will also be able to use it both on iOS platform and Android platform.

This is truly a game changer in terms of cooking appliances in the house. It is something that you learn to use and you will love using every other time. Of course, you will also appreciate the amazing cooking flavors you can enjoy when using it. With this precision cooker, mealtimes in your home will be moments everyone looks forward to.


Whether you want to prepare fish or poultry or any type of food you fancy, this precision cooker will always come in handy. It is the kind of device that single-handedly delivers a precise penetrating flavor in your meals. It is carefully designed for efficiency, and you will barely go wrong with this device.

It is available in 5 different colors, which means that you have a good variety of options to work with. You can choose one depending on what meets your style. The pod mounting system is one of the other reasons why it will be a good purchase for you.

It is easy to mount, and you can attach it to any of your cooking pots. You do not need culinary experience to use it, neither do you need to keep watch while it is running. With the digital display and precision dial system, you will have everything ready in three simple steps.

From temperature selection to setting, it takes just a few seconds and you are ready to cook. Given the kind of products that are currently available in the market, this is certainly an awesome precision cooker to have in the house. A price comparison with most of the devices in the market will show you that you are getting a good performer at quite a reasonable price.